This page contains posters presented at conferences worldwide by the various schemes.


Wildlife Disease & Contaminant Monitoring and Surveillance network (WILDCOMS) (tip - right click and open in new tab to view)

The use of stable isotopes to explain PCBs load in Golden Eagles (Haliaeetus albicilla), in the UK (presented at SETAC)PDF icon Ge and pCBs landscape_0.pdf
The UK Fish Tissue Archive and its application to EU priority substancesFishArchive_2009_poster_final-A4_low_res.pdf

Is shot and ammunition a significant lead exposure pathway in predatory birds in Britain? (presented at SETAC)

setac Basel Pb poster FINAL.pdf

Metal and metalloid concentrations in the livers of Eurasian otter (Lutra lutra) from England and Wales (presented at SETAC)

PDF icon SETAC_Otters_FINAL.pdf

The UK Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme- 20 years of research into strandings

CSIP summary poster 1990-2009.pdf

AHVLA Diseases of Wildlife Scheme (AHVLA DoWS)

POSTER AHVLA DoWS poster v4 Nov 2012.pdf

Cardiff University Otter Project (CUOP)

Chadwick-WILDCOMS poster.pdf

Impact of changes to the requirements for the on-farm burial of rats poisoned with rodenticides in Scotland (WIIS Scotland, SASA)

GH Rodent poster Sept 2013.pdf

A UK National Fish Tissue Archive

Monitoring Lipophilic Chemicals in Scotland's Water Environment (SEPA Lipophilic network) (tip - right click and open in new tab to view)
The Predatory Bird Monitoring Scheme (tip - right click and open in new tab to view)