WIIS Scotland

The Wildlife Incident Investigation Scheme - Scotland is the companion Scottish scheme run by SASA, a Division of the Scottish Government Agriculture and Rural Delivery Directorate.

Links: WIIS website and SASA

Contact: Elizabeth Sharp, Tel.+44(0)131 2448874

Incidents of suspected poisoning of animals by pesticides in Scotland are investigated. The aim of the scheme is to identify any adverse effects on non-target animals that might arise from the approved use of pesticides. If the data gathered by the scheme, and sister schemes throughout the UK, indicate a particular problem, then the registration status of the pesticide concerned is subject to review by the UK regulatory body. The data are also used in the validation and improvement of risk assessments for existing and new compounds.

In cases where there is evidence to indicate either the misuse or the deliberate abuse of pesticides, the results of investigations may also be used in the enforcement of legislation affording protection to animals.

Wildlife Management staff undertake WIIS field investigations involving the suspected illegal use of fumigation products, and provide advice to statutory authorities, such as the Police, on the legalities of traps and snares.