“Bird of Prey and Pollution” reports (1980-1997) now available on the PBMS website

Work on pollutants and birds of prey, based on samples sent in to what is now called the Predatory Bird Monitoring Scheme (PBMS), was originally described in annual “Bird of Prey and Pollution” reports.  Until recently, the earliest report on the PBMS website dated back to 1998. The PBMS have recently scanned the series of earlier reports dating back to 1980.

The work described in these reports focussed largely on the contamination of birds of prey with organochlorine pesticides and contaminants. The reports contain both a description of the findings and also the original data.  In all, the downloadable reports span nearly a 40 year period.” The reports can be downloaded at https://pbms.ceh.ac.uk/content/pbms-reports.