2018 Annual Bearded Vulture meeting and the Vulture Conservation Foundation

The Annual Bearded Vulture meeting will take place in Cazorla (Andalusía, Spain) from Friday 9th to Sunday 11th November 2018.

Details are being finalized, so keep an eye on: https://www.4vultures.org/annual-meetings.


A message from José Tavarres of the Vulture Conservation Foundation (VCF):

After their recovery in western Europe (Portugal-Spain-France), vulture populations are starting to recover in the Balkans, but their populations there remain fragmented and small. Poison is still relatively widespread and hampers this recovery. In response, VCF is implementing the Balkan anti-poisoning project (BAPP), which runs parallel to several other vulture conservation initiatives and reintroduction projects there.

BAPP is a cross-border initiative that brings together wildlife conservation organizations, governmental agencies and other stakeholder such as hunting associations, farmers and scientists in five Balkan countries to tackle illegal wildlife poisoning. More information here: https://www.4vultures.org/our-work/anti-poisoning/balkan-anti-poisoning-project/