Bird behaviour in a changing world symposium

ZSL International symposium on bird behaviour - 14-15 September 2017

Meeting at the Zoological Society of London - Bird behaviour in a changing world: with a special focus on bird senses

Bird Sense 2017 brings together a distinguished list of international researchers to explore how birds perceive the varying landscapes in which they live, and how we might tackle challenges faced in their welfare, conservation, and pressures from anthropogenic change.


Birds inhabit every continent of the world and virtually all available ecological niches, from cities to the frozen tundra, from tropical rain forests to deserts, and from mountain ranges to the ocean. But in our human-modified world birds face many challenges their ancestors did not: the glass fronts of tall buildings, wind turbines and power lines, artificial daylight that turns night to day; and noisy air traffic that moves faster than any of their natural predators.

How is their behaviour changing to cope with increasing anthropological pressures?  Combining workshops talks from international speakers, this symposium will discuss how birds see, smell, taste and make sense of their environment, and aims to understand how research into bird behaviour can contribute to future conservation and avian welfare practices.

Topics include

  • Taste and how it is affected by visual skills
  • Using targeted noise deterrents to reduce human avian conflicts
  • Sensitive birds in a noisy world: the impacts of noise pollution
  • Sweet and umami taste preferences in birds
  • Pressure perception in poultry: welfare implications
  • Do bird echolocation and conservation fly together?

For all enquires contact Jennifer Howes, Scientific Events; Tel 020 7449 6227.