British Wildlife Health Network

The British Wildlife Health Network is a forum for communication amongst people with a particular interest in the health of, and diseases of relevance to, free-living wildlife. It is particularly for those working in Britain and/or those with a strong interest in British wildlife. Members may include, for example, veterinary surgeons, wildlife scientists and others working in related professions.  The network is starting as an email discussion group (listserv), but we also envisage having a Facebook group in time. The network is being initiated and hosted by the BVZS, and the listserv will be moderated by Victoria Roberts and Katie Beckmann. If you’d like to join, please contact Victoria on

In creating the group, we’re opening up and renaming a special-interest listserv that was previously restricted to BVZS members (the main BVZS listserv will remain for members only).

From autumn 2017 onwards, the BVZS will be hosting an annual day-long meeting on wildlife health, as part of our annual 3-day conference (moving from our current programme of biannual meetings) – attendance will be open to all, and the meeting will be an exciting opportunity for members of the wildlife health network to link up in person.

Katie Beckmann (BVZS Council)