First keynote speakers announced for the European Vulture Conference 2019

Wildlife crime, movement ecology and social foraging behaviour are some of the topics the first confirmed keynote speakers at the European Vulture Conference will be covering during the four day international congress in Portugal from 1-4 October 2019.

The speakers include:

François Sarrazin. Based at the Paris-Sorbonne University and the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle in Paris, François will discuss his work on the restoration and viability of populations of reintroduced scavenger species. 

Iñigo Fajardo. Collaborating with law enforcement authorities across Andalucía, Spain, Iñigo will present his work at the Junta de Andalucía leading the fight against wildlife-crime in the region. 

Olivier Duriez. Based at University of Montpellier, France, Olivier will present his research on the impacts of social foraging of vultures on population dynamics. 

Andre Botha. Working for the Endangered Wildlife Trust, Andre will go beyond Europe and give the perspective of the ongoing efforts to conserve vultures across Africa. 

Ran Nathan. Leading the Movement Ecology Lab at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, Ran will share his work on the movement ecology of vultures.