First release of captive-bred vultures in Asia

Nepal and SAVE witnessed a landmark for Asian vulture conservation on 17th September 2018, when the Government of Nepal and national and international conservation organisations released 12 critically endangered white-rumped vultures (news item). Releases last year of birds reared (but not hatched) in the programme have so far shown very promising signs of survival and success, and in addition, 20 wild birds have now been satellite-tagged.

SAVE was established in 2011 as a consortium to co-ordinate and drive forward the ambitious long-term international conservation effort without which the Critically Endangered oriental white-backed (Gyps bengalensis), long-billed (G. indicus) and slender-billed vulture (G.tenuirostris) would go extinct.  These species are breeding residents in India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Bhutan, and Cambodia, and also have non-breeding or marginal status in Afghanistan, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam.