SWFS autumn newsletter - content required

The Society for Wildlife Forensic Science is gathering articles for the Autumn Newsletter.  The newsletter is published twice a year, once in Spring and once in Autumn.  They need your articles to make this happen!  The submission deadline is September 13th, 2021. Please send submissions to Tasha Bauman (tasha.bauman@wyo.gov). 

They are looking for the following article types from labs around the world:

-          Case studies,

-          Laboratory/member profiles and updates,

-          Meetings attended (in person or virtual),

-          Working group/committee updates,

-          Research relevant to wildlife forensic science,

-          Upcoming meetings & events,

-          Special recognition of people/teams (e.g. awards, commendations)

-          Any other articles you would like to submit.


Please keep articles short and sharp in newsletter style (1000 word limit), illustrated with photos if available.

SWFS rely on your submissions to create the newsletter content. It’s a great way to broadcast your important work to other wildlife forensic scientists and researchers.