UKCEH vacancy for a Vertebrate Ecotoxicologist working with the PBMS

Would you like the opportunity to join a world leading ecotoxicology research team focussed on using wildlife monitoring to study the fate of chemicals in the environment? If yes read on...

This exciting role will address policy and scientific understanding gaps in the Ecotoxicological significance of contaminant exposure, design of monitoring programmes and the use of tissue archives. Interpretation of resultant data with a focus on the different approaches needed for highly toxic pollutants of low persistence versus classic highly persistent and bio accumulative pollutants.

You will work with the research team to characterise the exposure of wild animal populations to a range of chemicals of current and emerging concern. Working on high profile projects such as the Predatory Bird Monitoring Scheme, you will investigate: impacts of chemical management, e.g. ‘stewardship initiatives’,  on wildlife exposure to chemicals of concern including rodenticides; outcomes of work towards the UK Government 25 Year Environment Plan; and the contribution wildlife monitoring networks can make to issue identification and chemical risk assessment.

You will be involved in projects that have international collaborations and hence there is the potential to travel overseas.

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