UKRI Climate change bites webinar 21st October 11.00-13.00 BST

How climate change is driving the emergence and spread of animals, human and plant diseases transmitted by insects and ticks.

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Provisional agenda

11:00-11:05 - Welcome and what we hope to achieve with this webinar - Introduction by Chair: Victoria Gill, BBC
11:05-11:15 - Climate change changes the distribution of vectors of plant viruses: Plant viruses kill plants, no plants no food, no food big problem - Professor Gary Foster, University of Bristol
11:15-11:25 - Climate change and vector-borne diseases: understanding ecology, ecosystems, vulnerability, and adaptation- Dr Bethan Purse, UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology
11:25-11:35 - Modelling the impacts of climate change on vector borne disease transmission - Dr Rachel Lowe, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
11:35-11:45 - Global threat of vector borne diseases in a changing environment - Dr Raman Velayudhan, World Health Organisation
11:45-11:55 - The latest buzz on vector borne diseases in animals – a global overview from the OIE - Dr Tianna Brand, OIE World Organisation for Animal Health
11:55-12:05 - Introduction to the wider panel
12:05-12:55 - Plenary discussion – Q&A
12:55-13:00 - Closing remarks