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The latest 2021 newsletter is available below.

2022Newsletter 31: Summer 2022 PDF icon WILDCOMS Summer 2022 newsletter.pdf
2021Newsletter 30: Autumn 2021PDF icon WILDCOMS Autumn 2021 newsletter.pdf
2021Newsletter 29: Summer 2021 PDF icon WILDCOMS Summer 2021 newsletter.pdf
2021Newsletter 28: Spring 2021 PDF icon WILDCOMS Spring 2021 newsletter.pdf
2020Newsletter 27: Autumn/Winter 2020 PDF icon WILDCOMS Autumn_Winter 2020 newsletter.pdf
2020Newsletter 26: Winter/Spring 2020 PDF icon WILDCOMS Winter_Spring 2020 newsletter.pdf
2019Newsletter 25: Autumn 2019 PDF icon WILDCOMS Autumn 2019 newsletter.pdf
2019Newsletter 24: Summer 2019 PDF icon WILDCOMS Summer 2019 newsletter.pdf
2019Newsletter 23: Spring 2019PDF icon WILDCOMS Spring 2019 newsletter.pdf
2018Newsletter 22: Winter 2018 PDF icon WILDCOMS Winter 2018 newsletter.pdf
2018Newsletter 21: Summer 2018 PDF icon WILDCOMS Newsletter 21.pdf
2018Newsletter 20: Spring 2018 PDF icon WILDCOMS newsletter 20.pdf
2017Newsletter 19: Autumn 2017 PDF icon WILDCOMS newsletter number 19.pdf
2017Newsletter 18: Summer 2017 PDF icon WILDCOMS newsletter number 18.pdf
2017Newsletter 17: Spring 2017 PDF icon wildcoms newsletter_March 2017.pdf
2016Newsletter 16: Winter 2016 PDF icon wildcoms newsletter_Winter 2016.pdf
2016Newsletter 15: Summer 2016 PDF icon WILDCOMS newsletter number 15.pdf
2016Newsletter 14: Spring 2016 PDF icon wildcoms newsletter_final.pdf
2015Newsletter 13. WILDCOMS support of new international guidelines on poisoning PDF icon QR June 2015.pdf
2014Newsletter 12: Autumn 2014 Spotlight on monitoring activities in Wales PDF icon Autumn SPOTLIGHT 2014.pdf
2014Newsletter 11: Summer 2014: Spotlight on the Policy relevance of the WILDCOMS monitoring schemes PDF icon Summer spotlight 2014.pdf
2014Newsletter 10: Spring 2014: Spotlight on Wildlife Crime PDF icon WILDCOMS Spring SPOTLIGHT 2014.pdf
2014Newsletter 9: Winter 2014 Spotlight on Lead (Pb) PDF icon Winter SPOTLIGHT 2014.pdf
2013Newsletter 8: Autumn 2013 Spotlight on Citizen Science PDF icon Autumn SPOTLIGHT 2013.pdf
2013Newsletter 7: Summer 2013 Spotlight on monitoring activities in Scotland PDF icon Summer SPOTLIGHT 2013.pdf
2013Newsletter 6: Spring 2013 Spotlight on Mercury PDF icon WILDCOMS SpringSpotlight 2013.pdf
2013Newsletter 5: Winter 2013 Spotlight on the existing practices of the partner schemes in WILDCOMS PDF icon wildcomsweb-WinterSPOTLIGHT2013.pdf
2012Newsletter 4: Autumn 2012 Spotlight on Rodenticides PDF icon wildcomsweb-October2012newsletter.pdf
2012Newsletter 3: Summer 2012 Spotlight on Emerging Hazards and Risks PDF icon WILDCOMS_JULY2012_NEWSLETTER.pdf
2012Newsletter 2: Spring 2012 Spotlight on Wildlife and Zoonoses PDF icon wildcomsweb-April2012.pdf
2011Newsletter 1: Winter 2011 Spotlight on Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) PDF icon wildcomsweb-2011-180112-1435-38.pdf